Re: Life after the oil crash

From: George Murphy <>
Date: Thu Oct 27 2005 - 09:52:45 EDT

Obviously this isn't a magic bullet but some serious attention to restoration of our rail system, passenger & freight, should be part of the response to the problem.

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    Should it be a criminal offence to drive a car which does less than 35 miles to the gallon (US mini-gallons) and use central heating at 70deg and always use air-conditioning?

    Will we come to that.

    I will now get on my bike

    GRM: Having lived in both the UK and the US, the US is not structured the same as the UK. I could walk to the nearest grocery story (4 aisles of stuff) in about 5 minutes in Peterculter. But if I want to walk to the nearest grocery store in the US it is a 40 minute walk (I have actually done it.) In China, m walk is about equal to that of Peterculter. Until the US restructures its entire space, people would starve without their cars. Could the US do better? Of course, but don't tell me that the UK doesn't waste petrol as well.. I have been there.


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