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Date: Thu Oct 27 2005 - 05:50:58 EDT

As I perused the site, unbidden childhood memories of World War II years came to the fore: Severe shortages of everything, government control of everything and rationing of just about everything. At that time we all knew the deprivation was for a good cause: stop the Axis; and we took it in stride because we were united in our support of the war effort. When the energy crunch comes, it'll be hard to pacify us superconsumers of today who are accustomed to spending our capital to satisfy every least whim. Yes, superconsumers are what we are, but our days as such are numbered. At least, I see no solution on the horizon. Serious conservation NOW would help a lot, but as the author implies, you can't get most free and wealthy people to voluntarily cut their spending and conserve--and if you did, it would wreck the economy.


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  Makes Glenn Morton's views seem almost pollyanna!

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