Re: Dover: Witnesses withdrawing

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Wed Oct 26 2005 - 20:58:09 EDT

To the best of my knowledge, Warren Nord is not affiliated with TDI, so that
would not be why he withdrew from the case. As I've emphasized, he's an
independent thinker whose reasons for supporting ID in the classroom are
quite different from those of TDI. (Basically he believes as I do that
education itself is better served when students are told more about religion
and about controversies. I don't think he believes that ID is science, per
se, but he shares my view that ID still can be discussed in science
classes.) Only two people from TDI are witnesses, as far as I can tell:
Mike Behe (3 days last week) and Scott Minnich (coming up later). Minnich
is still coming, as far as I know.

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