DI and teaching ID in schools

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Date: Wed Oct 26 2005 - 10:15:41 EDT

Just when i thought I had seen it all, the following:


The American Enterprise sponsored a forum titled
"Science Wars" that focused on the intelligent
design/evolution controversy. Among the participants
in the forum were the director for the Thomas More
Institute, Richard Thompson, and Mark Ryland, Director
of the Discovery Institute's Washington office.

More transcripts to read...
During the debate, Thompson and Ryland ended up in a
somewhat heated exchange. Ryland claimed that the
Discovery Institute had "never set out to have school
boards" teach intelligent design. He was quickly
confronted by Thompson, who produced a copy of the
Discovery Institute's Intelligent Design in Public
School Science Curriculum: A Guidebook by Steven Meyer
and David DeWolf.

Remember Thompson represents the Thomas Moore Law
Center who represents the defendants in the Dover

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