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From: Pim van Meurs <>
Date: Wed Oct 26 2005 - 10:04:17 EDT

More on Fuller from the ACLA PA Blogsite: Speaking

In deposition, Dr. Fuller made several direct
correlations between ID and creationism, for example:

    "It [ID] is a kind of creationism."
    "What we now call the Intelligent Designer used to
be called the Creator."
    "Intelligent Design is a way of interpreting

And my personal favorite: "Intelligent Design (aka

On the stand, Dr. Fuller explained that each of those
quotes was either an attempt to provide a point of
reference for those less familiar with the term ID or
just "unfortunate" choices of wording.

At the closing of his testimony, Dr. Fuller questioned
the plaintiff's assertion that the ID movement is
approximately 20-years old. When it was pointed out
that the term ID appeared in Of Pandas and People in
1989, Dr. Fuller interrupted and emphatically
disagreed with the logic.

Who invited him as a defense expert witness I wonder?
I can't wait for the transcripts. Behe's cross was
entertaining enough, this one may be hilarious.
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