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From: Jim Armstrong <>
Date: Tue Oct 25 2005 - 19:51:08 EDT

Yes! What seems to be completely ignored by those who argue against
evolution, and maybe not touted enough by those who see it as part of a
marvelous creation, is the fact that DNA sort of came out of the blue as
a new line of scientific endeavor that provides view evidence that is
consistent with the evolutionary model, and offers virtually no foothold
for the opposing view (in terms of weight of evidence). It sure seems
persuasive that you can take the several sciences like physics, geology,
paleontology, etc. and when the common areas are aligned, they tell a
story that is mutually consistent among themselves, as well as
consistent with the evolutionary model. There is nitpicking within any
given science, but the concerted story is ignored. Or so it seemeth to
me. JimA

Freeman, Louise Margaret wrote:

> I'm unclear what "truncated" means in this context. Also, it
> appears from your report that Collins avoided the many problems
> with evolution. Think of someone arguing for geocentrism without
> mentioning retrograde motion.
> --George
> To the best of my recollection, "truncated" meant "broken off"
> and the point was that the genes were broken at the exact letter.
> And, though I would nt presume to speak for Dr. Collins, my best
> guess if that he would say that there are actually not that many
> problems with evolution as a theory (or unifying principle) and
> that virtually no one is challenging it on a pure scientific
> basis. He described evidence in support of evolution as "rock
> solid" and made it clear that it is not something at the fringes
> of science. A serious challenge to evolution would require the
> overturning of major principles in a variety of scientific fields.
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