Re: ASPM allele origin dated to Adam's time

From: Chris Barden <>
Date: Fri Oct 21 2005 - 11:19:53 EDT

I don't know what Glenn was specifically thinking about that was
"dangerous", but I for one would be concerned this would revive all
sorts of eugenic arguments. What's more, it could be turned into a
troubling apologetic for why many generations of Native Americans,
Aztecs, etc. were denied God's favor.

On the other hand, I bet Alvin Plantinga would love this article, as
it provides (albeit shaky) evidence for God's "design plan"
introducing the sensus divinitatus and giving us warrant to believe in


On 10/21/05, George Murphy <> wrote:
> Why is this a problem? In the Lutherbibel God talks to Adam in German.
> Shalom
> George
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> This borders on the dangerous. This gene is more prevalent in Europe than
> elsewhere. Are we now going to start saying that Adam was a European? I
> have big problems with that.
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