Re: Jesus was a spirit

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Date: Thu Oct 20 2005 - 18:03:57 EDT

At 01:25 PM 10/20/2005, wrote: wrote:
> At 07:09 AM 10/20/2005, wrote:
> >Just as 'psyche' cannot exist by itself, and needs a body, 'spirit' cannot
> >exist by itself and needs a body. Paul says again and again that a
> >spiritual body is a body.

> ### Since Jesus is the second person of the Trinity, and you said that he
> had a "spiritual body" before he became flesh, died, and was resurrected
> ----- how can you not be also saying that the Father has a "glorified
> spiritual body"? Ditto for the Holy Spirit???? This makes sense??

Of course not. ~ Steven

3#3#3 You just said that spirit cannot exist without a body, then agreed
with me that it doesn't make sense to say that the Father and the Holy
Spirit (the other two personas of the One God) have a glorified spiritual body.

Jesus is God - the substance cannot be separated - so by your own reasoning
he did not have a glorified spiritual body until after he was made flesh
and dwelt among us.

You contradicted yourself - unless you believe in three separate gods.

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