RE: Behe testimony at Dover trial

From: Freeman, Louise Margaret <>
Date: Thu Oct 20 2005 - 16:04:36 EDT

> Fyi, the Discovery Institute does NOT support teaching ID in the
> schools.
> They maintain only that it is not unconstitutional, a different matter.
> I
> sat in on a press teleconference a few weeks ago where they made that
> clear.
> They are doing damage control in Dover.
> Cheers, Denyse

I'm aware that that is the Institute's official position. Although, I think
it is fair to say that many (perhaps most) of the major ID advocates in the
US are DI-affiliated and are certainly a driving force behind the movement
to change school programs.* They promote their "theory," (oftent explicitly
as a form of Christian apologetics); conservative Christians accept that
this is "good science" and lobby the school boards to include it.

Which is not a good idea if ID is not in fact "good science."

In any case, that wasn't my question. I'll rephrase.

Where is the peer-reviewed literature supporting this new theory of
intelligent design?

And are any "serious scientists" outside of the Discovery Institute truly
consulting it?

*As an analogy, just because the Southern Baptist convention doesn't
officially endorse a Republican political candidate doesn't mean the
organization's membership isn't a major force behind electing Republicans.
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