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> > Perhaps that's b/c the book is massive, covers so much ground (essentially
> > all biblical and non-biblical texts about life after death) in great detail,


A very useful survey, but one that is useless as an argument for the resurrection.

Scholarly opinion would agree with me that new religious movements can use words in radically different and new ways without any evidence to back it up. I quote one famous British scholar 'Some within the Lubavitcher messianic movement have apparently used 'resurrection' language in relation to their Rebbe (who died in 1994) as a way (Marcus suggests, following Dale Allison) of 'speaking of a dead person being alive'. What seems to be happening, rather, is that some have picked up a misunderstood Christian term and used it in a sense that goes against their own ancient literature.'

If some Jews today can use resurrection in a sense that goes against their own ancient literature, Jews in the past could do the same.
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