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> >Just as 'psyche' cannot exist by itself, and needs a body, 'spirit' cannot
> >exist by itself and needs a body. Paul says again and again that a
> >spiritual body is a body.

> ### Since Jesus is the second person of the Trinity, and you said that he
> had a "spiritual body" before he became flesh, died, and was resurrected
> ----- how can you not be also saying that the Father has a "glorified
> spiritual body"? Ditto for the Holy Spirit???? This makes sense??

Of course not.

The idea of Wright's that spiritual in a spiritual body means not greatly more than spiritual in a spiritual book makes little sense, when it is also held that the flesh and blood Jesus *before* the resurrection was literally God Incarnate.

How much more spiritual can a body be (in that sense) than one which houses God himself?

Paul uses spiritual body to mean a heavenly body, just as other Christians later described stars as spiritual bodies.

As Jesus could glow in the dark at the Transfiguration, he clearly had a spiritual body - one under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and one which could show divinity.

So something else must have happened to Jesus at the resurrection, other than having a (literally) warmed-up flesh and blood body, which could now do things that it could not do before. It could do lots of things before!

By the way, I read your other email. Does the Bishop of Durham also claim that Moses was just a 'revivification' when Moses appeared at the Transfiguration, or his his claim of unique resurrections , as opposed to revivification, totally bust?

Or did Moses not have a physical body when he was seen by the disciples at the Tansfiguration?

Do tell us what Wright says happened to Moses when he 'appeared' (same word as when Jesus appeared) at the Transfiguration? Revivication to resurrection? Which word does Wright use? Or does he simply forget to tell his readers that there is little difference....

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