Re: Jesus was a spirit

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Thu Oct 20 2005 - 07:44:43 EDT

>>> <> 10/20/05 1:21 AM >>>writes:
Wright's book has been praised a lot by Christians on sceptical discussion
sites, but very few arguments from the book have been put forward. I guess
the book is for praising not quoting.

Ted replies:
Perhaps that's b/c the book is massive, covers so much ground (essentially
all biblical and non-biblical texts about life after death) in great detail,
and extraordinarily nuanced that it needs to be quoted--and at very great
length. The single paragraph I quoted earlier is an example of this. One
needs to read pretty much a full chapter at a time to see the argument(s);
the chapter from which I took that quotation itself has "one long argument"
to borrow Darwin's words. Indeed the comparison with Darwin is appropriate;
one rarely sees *the whole argument* explained in as few words as one can
type onto a screen in even a whole hour.

I'd say, the book is for *reading*, not for blogging. Books aren't obsolete
yet--indeed, I dare say they will outlive computer screens, though my
students aren't convinced. They need to have a longer, more historical view
of things.

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