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> >what Paul says.... ~
> ### Excerpt from item below: ".. It may further be noted that the pagan
> world was awash with points of view associated with those who thought
> matter was evil and at the root of all of man's problems. Platonic thought,
> as Murray Harris puts it, supposed that "man's highest good consisted of
> emancipation from corporeal defilement. The nakedness of disembodiment was
> the ideal state."

Paul also thought that flesh was evil and corrupted.

> [Snips]
> Factor #3 -- Getting Physical! The Wrong "Resurrection"
> As we have shown <>here, the
> resurrection of Jesus, within the context of Judaism, was thought by
> Gentiles to be what can be described as "grossly" physical.

Nope, JP (No Link) Holding has zilch in the way of comments by Gentiles from the time of Paul.

> Indeed, among the pagans, resurrection was deemed impossible.

Nope. Some people believed Nero had returned from the dead, not to mention Alcesist

> Wright in
> Resurrection of the Son of God quotes Homer's King Priam: "Lamenting for
> your dead son will do no good at all. You will be dead before you bring him
> back to life."

Centuries out of date and Homer hardly reflects what the average person in the Roman Empire believed.


> Judaism itself would have had its own, lesser difficulty, albeit not
> insurmountable: there was no perception of the resurrection of an
> individual before the general resurrection at judgment.

Apart from the NT which had people believing John the Baptist was back from the dead, or Elijah or Jeremiah...

I wonder why there were so few Bible quotes in this 'evidence' that when Paul said that jesus became a life-giving spirit, he meant that the resurrected Jesus had flesh and blood and a stomach that could eat food. Paul has already declared that both stomach and food would be destroyed.
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