Behe testimony at Dover trial

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Date: Wed Oct 19 2005 - 12:44:18 EDT

Dear All,
I received this message from the Sigma Xi "Science in the News" daily email. Does anyone have any additional knowledge of Behe's testimony? The article leaves several puzzling questions unanswered.
from the New York Times (Registration Required)
HARRISBURG, Pa., Oct. 18 - A leading architect of the intelligent-design
movement defended his ideas in a federal courtroom on Tuesday and
acknowledged that under his definition of a scientific theory, astrology
would fit as neatly as intelligent design.
Prof. Michael J. Behe, a biochemist at Lehigh University, is the first
expert witness for the school board of Dover, Pa., which is requiring
students to hear a statement about intelligent design in biology class.
Under sharp cross-examination by a lawyer for parents who have sued the
school district, he said he was untroubled by the broadness of his
definition of science and likened intelligent design to the Big Bang theory
of the origins of the universe because both initially faced rejection from
scientists who objected for religious and philosophical reasons.
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