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From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Tue Oct 18 2005 - 16:24:16 EDT

Why does a pastor need a doctorate?

I think Emman College , was caught up in the pre-rapture, so it has

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>> A sidebar on this: IMO an institution that doesn't give earned
>> doctorates
>> doesn't have business giving honorary ones. I realize that this
>> would
>> remove one way that some colleges reward big donors but so it goes.
>> Shalom
>> George
> This is a great idea, but its implementation has a probability
> approaching zero. The practice of any institution claiming to be a
> college granting doctorates is of long standing. Bucking long precedent
> is close to impossible. How about adding (purely wishful thinking) the
> removal of degrees from diploma mills? I know of one pastor who lists, if
> memory serves, 23 "earned" doctorates--I think one is legitimate. A
> friend, now deceased, was the best educated pastor in town--Th.M. from
> Yale. But he was the only pastor in that town without a doctorate. I
> think of a chap with an "earned" doctorate. I knew the professor (and
> girlfriend) who supervised his dissertation. On his application for
> employment, under "Publications," he entered "/Time/, /Life/," etc. She
> had a legitimate doctorate from a recognized university, taught at a
> college in addition to being on the faculty of the "university." If I
> recall correctly, some years ago there was a flap about a graduate from a
> large university who could not read well enough to fill out an employment
> application. He had been a football star.
> Along with the problems of pseudo-academics, I may add the places where,
> if you send in a check, you get a certificate of ordination. A bigger
> check is required to become a bishop. The ordination is recognized by
> state governments.
> But I still wonder about Habermas' statement. Michael, do you have any
> contact with Monarch Publications that can enlighten us about Emmanuel
> College, Oxford, which I did not locate using Google, and about the
> granting of honorary degrees for publications? I ask this because I have
> special pull with Universitas Michaelitis Musculus in the issuance of
> degrees. My urologist, for example, received the D.P.H. (Dolorem
> Procreantis Hominibus--giving pain to men).
> Dave
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