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Date: Tue Oct 18 2005 - 11:37:56 EDT

A sidebar on this: IMO an institution that doesn't give earned doctorates
doesn't have business giving honorary ones. I realize that this would
remove one way that some colleges reward big donors but so it goes.


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> The flap over Dr Habermas' DD is understandable, given the long and
> frankly
> deplorable history of fundamentalists (including some prominent
> creationists
> such as Kent Hovind) giving degrees to one another in less than rigorous
> ways. I've written about this with regard to "Doctor Harry Rimmer,
> scientist" (who never completed a degree at any college or university and
> was a scientist only in the minds of those who gave ear to him) in my
> whale
> story (available on the ASA website), and James Moore has also discussed
> this in an essay on creationism that he wrote at least 20 years ago.
> Given
> this history, I say, I think the questions about the DD were legitimate.
> At the same time, however, Dr. Habermas is IMO an excellent scholar. I
> share his view that the resurrection was an actual historical event--in
> contradiction to what John Haught said on the witness stand in Harrisburg
> a
> couple of weeks ago, a camcorder would have seen the risen Christ along
> with
> Thomas and the other disciples; the fact that the camcorder had no faith
> is
> irrelevant to the facts. If Habermas was instrumental in getting Anthony
> Flew finally to admit that there might be a God--however remote and
> impersonal such a God might be--and that the resurrection is better
> evinced
> than any other key religious stories he can think of, is not IMO
> insignificant. Anyone familiar with Flew's writings on atheism and his
> attacks on biblical Christianity, esp the resurrection, can only smile at
> the irony. One does hope for more. At least it's a step in the right
> direction.
> Ted
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