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Date: Tue Oct 18 2005 - 05:18:39 EDT

This is frankly rather sad, accepting an honorary DD from an unknown and
probably uncredited institution (though I am not sure what the accreditation
of the proper Oxford University is and I am sure that for nearly a
millennium it had no accreditation of any kind and simply awarded its own
degrees without reference to anyone else!!! Harvard did that for less than
two hundred years).
I have never heard of anyone in England or the rest of Britain being giving
a DD for the publication of what was only a good quality popular book. About
6 of my theological profs gained DDs from British universities eg Barrett,
Cranfield, Turner, Parker as a result of considerable academic publications.
Arthur Peacocke was given an Oxford DD for his 1978 Bampton lectures
Creation and the World of Science.

I would still like to know what this "Emmanuel College, Oxford " is or was.
Whatever else one may think all this is highly misleading as most would not
know that there is no Emmanuel College as a constituent college of the
University of Oxford, which is a fairly good university.

This all makes me cynical


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> Gary Habermas has asked me to post this statement to the ASA list,
> regarding
> various speculations* re his DD degree:
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> Here are the details as I recall them. Years ago, my 1988 copyright book
> from Thomas Nelson, The Historical Jesus, was published in England by
> Monarch Publications of Eastbourne, East Sussex, England. Sometime later,
> still many years ago, I was given the D.D. certificate & the person who
> contacted me said that it was awarded for the publication of that book and
> that this was occasionally practiced in England. Subsequently, sometimes
> I
> listed it & sometimes I did not. With several people, I specifically
> called
> it an honorary degree. But in answer to my original question, the
> representative made it very clear that they were NOT part of Oxford
> University but simply located in Oxford, England (Emmanuel College), at
> least back then. Today is the second time that I recall hearing
> questions.
> After the first occasion, I simply quit listing the D.D., which I think
> was
> at least a year or more ago. In fact, completely apart from seeing this
> email this morning, I had already removed it from my resume, from the
> Liberty University catalog, and from the Liberty University bio that LU
> had
> published about me. So I took these steps without any pressure from the
> current discussion that you mentioned.
> As far as "questioning my credentials" I do have an earned Ph.D. from
> Michigan State University.
> Several times recently when I have heard people use the D.D., I have tried
> to correct it. Beyond the earlier examples listed above, just this
> morning,
> after seeing it mentioned in the emails, I called Southern Evangelical
> Seminary & asked that they remove it from their website/online catalog, or
> wherever it is listed. Please pass this information on to the folks you
> mention & I'd appreciate it! I just wish that people had contacted me to
> ask their question before guessing about these matters.
> - 0 -
> * As an alternative to speculating, I contacted him. As a journalist, I
> believe that that is a sound practice, and would encourage its use. -
> cheers, Denyse
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