Statement from Gary Habermas

From: Denyse O'Leary <>
Date: Mon Oct 17 2005 - 17:09:38 EDT

Gary Habermas has asked me to post this statement to the ASA list, regarding
various speculations* re his DD degree:

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Here are the details as I recall them. Years ago, my 1988 copyright book
from Thomas Nelson, The Historical Jesus, was published in England by
Monarch Publications of Eastbourne, East Sussex, England. Sometime later,
still many years ago, I was given the D.D. certificate & the person who
contacted me said that it was awarded for the publication of that book and
that this was occasionally practiced in England. Subsequently, sometimes I
listed it & sometimes I did not. With several people, I specifically called
it an honorary degree. But in answer to my original question, the
representative made it very clear that they were NOT part of Oxford
University but simply located in Oxford, England (Emmanuel College), at
least back then. Today is the second time that I recall hearing questions.
After the first occasion, I simply quit listing the D.D., which I think was
at least a year or more ago. In fact, completely apart from seeing this
email this morning, I had already removed it from my resume, from the
Liberty University catalog, and from the Liberty University bio that LU had
published about me. So I took these steps without any pressure from the
current discussion that you mentioned.

As far as "questioning my credentials" I do have an earned Ph.D. from
Michigan State University.

Several times recently when I have heard people use the D.D., I have tried
to correct it. Beyond the earlier examples listed above, just this morning,
after seeing it mentioned in the emails, I called Southern Evangelical
Seminary & asked that they remove it from their website/online catalog, or
wherever it is listed. Please pass this information on to the folks you
mention & I'd appreciate it! I just wish that people had contacted me to
ask their question before guessing about these matters.

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* As an alternative to speculating, I contacted him. As a journalist, I
believe that that is a sound practice, and would encourage its use. -
cheers, Denyse

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