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I have found two Emmanuel Colleges in the US--a Catholic university in
Boston and a Pentecostal school in Franklin Springs, GA. There may be
another school claiming the name, but apparently with little function.
There are Emmanuel Bible College, Kitchener, Ontario, and one in Alberta,
I believe. An Emmanuel College in England appears to be a Creationist
trade school. One in Australia is k-12.

Two schools where Gary Habermas taught list BRE, William Tyndale College;
MA, University of Detroit; PhD, Michigan State University, Also Trinity
International site. Liberty does not give the source of the degrees,
adding a DD which, I assume, must have been awarded after 2002. Since
Southern Evangelical Seminary credits him with MS rather than MA, as well
as the "Oxford" DD, I suspect sloppiness on their part.

I admit that I have not covered all the sites on Gary Habermas (readily
confused with Juergen) that Google turned up.

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Sorry, Glenn. One of the sites specifically says "Oxford, England." Of
course there is the Emmanuel College in Cambridge but I think they only
grant Ph.D.'s, not D.D.'s but I could be wrong.

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I hope it is from Oxford, Mississippi or some other Oxford. I so hate to
see this kind of thing in Christian apologetics and it happens all too
often, indeed it happens more often on a percentage basis than does the
fabrication of scientific data and experiments.
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Many will know of Habermas apologetics on the resurrection and that he is
at Liberty University

He is also at Southern Evangelical Seminary which lists him as having a
D.D. from Emmanuel College , Oxford. There are two problems about that,
first no Oxford College gives degrees and haven't done for over 800 years
and secondly there is no Emmanuel college.

Liberty also mention his D.D. but don't say where it is from

He of course is credited with persuading Flew to believe in a God who

What I want to know is how genuine is his D.D. as it is NOT from Oxford

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