Re: Directed evolution: evidence for teleology?

From: George Murphy <>
Date: Sat Oct 15 2005 - 22:29:56 EDT

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Subject: Re: Directed evolution: evidence for teleology?

> George and Pim:
> George:
> You seem to be misunderstanding ID (Behe included). Behe does not require
> that we "subject God to scientific experiements." At least not that I am
> aware of. Perhaps you could provide more details on this.

    I really wonder if you are paying attention to what I write. I never
said that Behe required God to be subjected to scientific experiments What
I said was that Behe & other IDers think that God is needed to explain
certain phenomena, that he & other IDers want ID to be considered science, &
that this would require God - as an element of their scientific theory - to
be the subject of experiemnt & other tools of scientific analysis. They
don't realize this implication of their claims because they don't think
carefully about how divine action is to be understood in connection with

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