Re: Will the transition ever occur in our lifetime?

From: Freeman, Louise Margaret <>
Date: Fri Oct 14 2005 - 10:46:21 EDT

>> I find some ID concepts to be valuable, and in harmony with TE.

I don't disagree, as far as a search for purpose goes. But i'm not convinced
that ID has made any meaningful scientific contribution to date, nor is it
likely to as long as it remains car-jarked (idea jacked?) by frustrated
creation scientists, who, the evidence shows, are the ones trying to force
it into science classrooms.

I also think the search for some sort of physical "fingerprint" of God in
scientific data is 1) fairly futile and 2) of little importance compared to
what believers should actually be searching for.

If ID is a valid scientific theory it should stand on its own, independent
of any theistic or deistic worldview. I see no evidence that it does. And,
were there evidence for a designer, the true scientist would immediately
want to launch a massive research effort investigate what or who the
designer is. The fact that the bulk of ID proponents insist repeatedly that
the nature of the designer is *not* their concern is quite telling. I see
only one logically reason for such avoidance: if the Designer is not a
suitable subject for scientific investigation.
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