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Don wrote:

>For clarification, forams come in two kinds, benthic (bottom dwelling) and planktic (off
>the bottom) (NB: glossary says planktonic).  The authors of the Chevron report state,
>"Foraminiferal biostratigraphy in the California Miocene has been based almost
>exclusively on the benthic fauna because associated diagnostic planktic foraminifers
>are rarely encountered." 
>And after Glenn Morton said that there are only about 150 foram species in toto, I
>rechecked those authors' list (see below) and found only 85 different species as
>candidates for their Miocene formation, not 150. 
I quoted the 150 from memory which is always a bad thing to do.  I checked with Dan Georgescu's website. I was in contact with him when I made my page on forams.  He told me that a new site was going up at that time.  His site lists 212 total species of forams throughout all time--that is it. Just 212.

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