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Furthermore, the statement's second sentence has one clause in it that I believe is true: "...the Bible doesn't contradict true science," but the sentence's following and concluding clause is a falsehood: "...since evolution is not science. So the whole statement is a mess: bad biblical interpretation, bad theology, and a false conclusion to an otherwise good statement about science and the Bible.

A critic of evolution in the Dover case referred to the teaching of evolution in colleges and universities as "brainwashing." If seventh graders get the kind of teaching presented in this Bob Jones science book repeated, by the time they get to college they will be brainwashed. Sad to say, I have taught students in college who came brainwashed in YEC, and no accurate information to the contrary made a dent in their thinking.


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    The Bible tells us that God directly created all things (John 1:3).

  It doesn't. It says (John 1:3):

  3Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.

  I am one of those things that have been made, but as far as I'm aware my parents "directly" made me; something that would be impossible were it not for the fact that God is Creator and Sustainer of the universe (without him nothing was made that has been made).

  [ Actually I've always thought it was the stork ... ]


    Bible contradicts the theory of evolution. In doing so, the Bible does
    not contradict true science, since evolution is not science."

    --From a seventh-grade Bob Jones science book, Life Science for Christian
    Schools, which has a subchapter titled "How Biological Evolution
    Supposedly Took Place."



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