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From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Wed Oct 12 2005 - 04:31:23 EDT

I am surprised that no one has replied - or am I?

Unfortunately I am no longer able to comment at length on radiometric
age-dating and the way it is twisted by YECs.

It would be best to go over to the Assoc of Christian Geologists and get
Steve Schimmerich (who has done a long expose of Woodomorappe's fraudulent
critique of age dating), Roger Wiens or Ken van Dellen to comment. Or you
can check out Brent dalrymple on NCSE with several web articles.

I dont think there are any new issues -merely variations on old ones- but
one has to be up to speed in radiometric age dating as RATE is adept at
finding some supposed anomaly and then without too much regard to the ninth
commandment makes a supposed case against an old earth.

How you can do this effectively I do not know as one of the first things
need is for ICR and AIG types to admit to and apologise for all their
misrepresentation since M and W published the Genesis Flood. That is asking
for the moon but it highlights the main problem of dealing with YECs

Up until 10-12 years I went into YEC attacks on age dating, and whenever I
followed up their arguments and references I found the same distortions
coming up time and again. (I was helped by my own professor Steven Moorbath
FRS, who was the leading British geochronologist in the 70s to 90s)

Any engagement with RATE will basically charge them with being both
incompetent and probably dishonest so the exercise is probably futile


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> Although most of us may prefer to ignore it, others to ridicule it, and
> still others to wring their hands that "they" have won, I think we do have
> a responsibility to address major events such as the Nov. 5 RATE
> conference. I just received a letter from an ASA member who described
> himself as "agnostic" in the area of origins. As a scientist, but not in
> the physical sciences, he sincerely asked whether the RATE activity had
> indeed uncovered new issues that needed to be addressed. He wondered how
> ASA was planning to cover the conference.
> There are still many undecided folks out there who are looking to the ASA
> for guidance. Yes, we have our archives and our websites on the age of
> the earth but there is a need for us to provide balanced responses to
> well-publicized events like RATE. The question is just how to do it and
> who is willing to spend the time to do it right.
> Randy
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>> ICR continues to point to the "Thousands, not Billions" conference in
>> November.......
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