Re: What goes around comes around

From: George Murphy <>
Date: Sat Oct 08 2005 - 22:10:56 EDT

>>This is one reason why G. Murphy's theological position, working in
>>collaboration with his scientific knowledge, is much more realistic and
>>progressive than ID's contribution to science, philosophy and theology. He
>>doesn't try to proove God's existence using science
> Neither does ID.
> and demonstrates how one can accept certain
>> forms of evolution and still believe in the trinitarian Creator.
> I don't believe George is calling for a particular form of evolution, as
> opposed to that which is generally proposed.

Since my name has been invoked I should note that "that which is generally
proposed" is ambiguous. The theological approach I suggest leads one to
think that something like evolution via natural selection is correct. It is
not consistent with belief in some form of metaphysical naturalism or
"evolutionism," which is "generally proposed" by non-Christians.
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