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Janice wrote:
A review of this new book for those interested. ~ Janice
It's like reading a review of Mein Kampf by Rudolph Hess.
This comes from the "reviewer's" web page:
"The claim has been made that ID has no place in science and is never
used in the study of science. This is not true. In fact, all of the
following areas of science use evidence of ID as the major or sole means
of study. Even though the designer is not a supernatural agent, but
intelligent humans, the principles involved in studying these areas of
science can be applied to the study of supernatural ID.
1. Archeology: Is that rock formation natural or due to intelligent
2. Anthropology: Do sharp, pointed rocks occur naturally or are
they designed by intelligent beings?
3. Forensics: Intelligent cause of death or natural circumstances?
4. SETI: Are those radio signals natural or caused by intelligent
ID is already used in many areas of science. In archeology, we know that
stones don't naturally occur in square shapes piled on top of each
other. They show signs of intelligent design (although the designer is
not supernatural).
Yeah, yeah, watch on the beach and all that.
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