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>> Preston:
>> I thought it was obvious that we were discussing truth claims of
>> evolution,
>> not operational science.
>>> Cornelius,
> Cornelius
> What on earth is operational science? It has no meaning in any proper
> scientific discourse as it is just some rhetorical device invented by
> certain American Christians who wish to discredit science.and make out
> that historical science is in some sense not proper science.
> The whole mythology of operation and origins science needs to be rejected
> as it is philosophical and scientific nonsense.

Quite right. A distinction can be made but it's superficial: "Origins
science" is just "operations science" applied to origins.

& for anyone who wants to continue the debate we can ask, "Origins of what?"
Is embryology an "origins science" because it deals with the origins of

I can guess the response & am tempted to write a platonic dialogue refuting
it but will resist.

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