Re: Viewpoint discrimination or careless reading.

From: Pim van Meurs <>
Date: Fri Oct 07 2005 - 13:39:11 EDT

janice matchett wrote:

> At 11:10 PM 10/6/2005, Pim van Meurs wrote:
>> I am sure you are familiar with the timeline? Just for accuracy
>> sake... Do you know when Flew made his comments to the book? Let me
>> check the publication date of the book *Hardcover * - December
>> 2003 Hmmm.... Perhaps it was the softcover?
> *May 2005
> God & Philosophy (Paperback) *by Antony Flew
> <>
> <>I
> understand that these are among the things Flew mentions in the 7-page
> introduction to his recently released book:
At most Flew is a deist but it seems that many of his comments were
based on his ignorance about science. Sounds familiar?
No wonder that Flew seemed to accept ID "arguments" as somehow
scientific. ID however has done a poor job at making a scientific case
against evolutionary theory, let alone in favor of ID.

Hope this helps
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