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Is this just number crunching what you find in the fields of Texas ranches?

The article by John Morris on time for deposition of strata is risible.

I think the whole lot is unanswerable by anyone who uses their grey matter.

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> ICR continues to point to the "Thousands, not Billions" conference in
> November. Included this month was a large book catalog. The books related
> to the conference are featured.
> Page 1. New computer installed at ICR. This machine, code named
> "Epiphany," is a 40 AMD 64-bit 2 GHz processor gadget. Look for its
> counterpart in Walmart in about 3 or 4 years. But for now, it sounds
> pretty impressive. John Baumgardner is credited with "collaboration." He
> has 30 years experience in numerical modeling, including 20 years with the
> Los Alamos National Laboratory. Vardiman, Humphreys, Austin, Snelling,
> Sanford and Criswell also have plans for the machine. Applications planned
> are:
> catastrophic sedimentary processes
> regional and global tectonic processes
> paleoclimatic/Ice Age studies
> early cosmos dynamics with non-Copernican boundary conditions
> galaxy dynamics and development; spiral development
> effects of mutation and selection of genomic stability
> detailed human/chimpanzee comparison's
> submarine debris flows
> submarine cross-bed formation
> runaway subduction
> rapid mountain uplift
> Ice Age climate dynamics
> limits and costs of natural selection
> effects of environments on genetic selectability
> effects of near-neutral mutations on long term genomic stability
> and more.
> Were I a young and naive physicist (I was one, once!), I'd sure want to
> work on some of these!
> Page 2. John Morris commends President Bush for his pro-creation remarks.
> He then castigates high school textbooks, claiming that evidence contrary
> to evolution has been censored. He has unkind remarks on Rev. Schuller's
> Genesis presentation, referring A&F readers to the icr website for details
> (see "In the News" at He has praise for AIG's new museum,
> and for Creation Truth's dinosaur museum in Arkansas. He concludes that
> "creation is an idea whose time has come."
> Page 4. The radio log of ICR's weekly broadcasts features the RATE work.
> Page 5. Frank Sherwin article. "The discovery of fossilized jellyfish in
> Wisconsin is more evidence for creation and the Flood."
> He also treats the case for design.
> Page 6. Meeting highlights -- Morning View Baptist Church in Montgomery.
> Calvary Baptist Church in Winston-Salem. Two institutional supporters of
> ICR held worship seminars.
> Impact article. "Is the Backwards Human Retina Evidence of Poor Design?"
> By Bergman and Calkins. Interesting arguments.
> Back to Genesis #202. Henry Morris claims that those who do not agree with
> ICR are "willfully ignorant" (II Peter 3:5) and simply have not done their
> homework. On the last page of this essay is an article by John Morris "How
> Long Dis It Take to Deposit the Geologic Strata?"
> The thrust of the RATE project is not yet (to me) obvious, but one claim
> emerges. Previously, ICR and other YEC people have argued against
> radiometric dating on the basis that it is flawed and that too many tests
> have been written off because they do not agree with "accepted dates." It
> seems now that they are going to argue for a sudden surge of radioactive
> activity at some point in the very recent past. Radiohalos are one part of
> the evidence for that claim; they say they have a second evidence. This
> activity, they say, accounts for the long ages being recorded. By the time
> I post this, their claims may be fleshed out -- certainly they will be by
> the time of the conference, November 5, 2005.
> jb
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