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ICR continues to point to the "Thousands, not Billions" conference in November. Included this month was a large book catalog. The books related to the conference are featured.

Page 1. New computer installed at ICR. This machine, code named "Epiphany," is a 40 AMD 64-bit 2 GHz processor gadget. Look for its counterpart in Walmart in about 3 or 4 years. But for now, it sounds pretty impressive. John Baumgardner is credited with "collaboration." He has 30 years experience in numerical modeling, including 20 years with the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Vardiman, Humphreys, Austin, Snelling, Sanford and Criswell also have plans for the machine. Applications planned are:

catastrophic sedimentary processes
regional and global tectonic processes
paleoclimatic/Ice Age studies
early cosmos dynamics with non-Copernican boundary conditions
galaxy dynamics and development; spiral development
effects of mutation and selection of genomic stability
detailed human/chimpanzee comparison's
submarine debris flows
submarine cross-bed formation
runaway subduction
rapid mountain uplift
Ice Age climate dynamics
limits and costs of natural selection
effects of environments on genetic selectability
effects of near-neutral mutations on long term genomic stability
and more.

Were I a young and naive physicist (I was one, once!), I'd sure want to work on some of these!

Page 2. John Morris commends President Bush for his pro-creation remarks. He then castigates high school textbooks, claiming that evidence contrary to evolution has been censored. He has unkind remarks on Rev. Schuller's Genesis presentation, referring A&F readers to the icr website for details (see "In the News" at www.icr.org). He has praise for AIG's new museum, and for Creation Truth's dinosaur museum in Arkansas. He concludes that "creation is an idea whose time has come."

Page 4. The radio log of ICR's weekly broadcasts features the RATE work.

Page 5. Frank Sherwin article. "The discovery of fossilized jellyfish in Wisconsin is more evidence for creation and the Flood."
He also treats the case for design.

Page 6. Meeting highlights -- Morning View Baptist Church in Montgomery. Calvary Baptist Church in Winston-Salem. Two institutional supporters of ICR held worship seminars.

Impact article. "Is the Backwards Human Retina Evidence of Poor Design?" By Bergman and Calkins. Interesting arguments.

Back to Genesis #202. Henry Morris claims that those who do not agree with ICR are "willfully ignorant" (II Peter 3:5) and simply have not done their homework. On the last page of this essay is an article by John Morris "How Long Dis It Take to Deposit the Geologic Strata?"

The thrust of the RATE project is not yet (to me) obvious, but one claim emerges. Previously, ICR and other YEC people have argued against radiometric dating on the basis that it is flawed and that too many tests have been written off because they do not agree with "accepted dates." It seems now that they are going to argue for a sudden surge of radioactive activity at some point in the very recent past. Radiohalos are one part of the evidence for that claim; they say they have a second evidence. This activity, they say, accounts for the long ages being recorded. By the time I post this, their claims may be fleshed out -- certainly they will be by the time of the conference, November 5, 2005.

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