Re: Viewpoint discrimination or careless reading.

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Date: Fri Oct 07 2005 - 00:17:33 EDT

At 11:10 PM 10/6/2005, Pim van Meurs wrote:

>I am sure you are familiar with the timeline? Just for accuracy sake... Do
>you know when Flew made his comments to the book? Let me check the
>publication date of the book *Hardcover * - December 2003 Hmmm....
>Perhaps it was the softcover?

May 2005
God & Philosophy (Paperback) by

I understand that these are among the things Flew mentions in the 7-page
introduction to his recently released book:

Flew raises the "fine tuning argument". He says that "whatever [its] merits
or demerits, it must... be allowed that it is reasonable [for believers in
theistic religions] to see [it] as providing substantial confirmation of
their own antecedent religious beliefs."

Flew mentions Roy Abraham Varghese's book The Wonder of the World, and says
it "provides an extremely extensive argument of the inductive argument from
the order of nature".

Flew says, "..mention must be made of the radically new and extremely
comprehensive case for the existence of the Christian God made by Richard
Swinburne in his Is There a God?" [Swinburne's argument] "is, like the
fine tuning argument, something that [believers] may very reasonably see
as... confirmation."

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