Pseudogenes and mobile elements

From: Charles Austerberry <>
Date: Thu Oct 06 2005 - 14:43:25 EDT
Cornelius and Preston are discussing an interesting topic (transposable elements and pseudogenes).  Those working in comparative genomics (including evangelical Christians such as Francis Collins) are most familiar with the subject, and they have concluded that common ancestry is clearly supported by this type of data. 

Cornelius has made some valuable contributions in regards to understanding Darwin's metaphysical views, but when it comes to molecular genetics, Preston appears to be more familiar with the data.

A related question is: can transposable elements and/or pseudogenes mutate in ways that (re)generate functional genes?  Perhaps.  Below are references to a couple of papers, with brief summaries.

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Chuck Austerberry
Two Publications of Interest
Emergence of Talanin protein associated with human uric acid nephrolithiasis in the Hominidae lineage.  Gianfrancesco et. al. (2004), Gene Volume 339, pp. 131-138. Coding sequences of functioning human genes derived entirely from mobile element sequences. Britten (2004), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (U.S.A.) Volume 101, pp. 16825-16830.
· About 45% of the human genome is derived from ancient mobile elements.

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