Re: Stroebel's "Case fore a Creator"

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Thu Oct 06 2005 - 13:49:17 EDT

Stroebel's book takes a strong ID approach. Like his other books, it ducks
some of the tougher critical questions, but is pretty accurate with the
information it conveys. My daughter read it this past year (on her own
initiative) and appreciated it. It led her to ask me some things about ID.
My colleague Robin Collins, a TE (he accepts common ancestry) who is a
genuine expert on the anthropic principle (he was one of those invited to
speak at the exclusive Stanford conference that was written up one-sidedly
in Scientific American in spring of 04), is featured in one chapter. He's
also shown near the end of the Privileged Planet DVD, incidentally.
(Shh-don't tell all the YECs who love that video, that most of the people in
it are not YEC, and don't breath a whisper about Robin's TE position.)

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