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From: Dick Fischer <>
Date: Thu Oct 06 2005 - 11:22:12 EDT

Steven wrote:
Does the scientific explanation of Hurricane Katrina rule it out as
being an Act of God?
Nothing rules out a sovereign God, just as nothing rules him in. You
can garner that from the comments on this list about ID. If an
all-powerful God wants to teach a lesson to a sinful city using the
power of nature, he can do that. We prefer to think he doesn't operate
that way, but no one knows for sure.
What you run into if you try to assign natural (unnatural?) catastrophes
to a vengeful deity is the same thing ID proponents run into. Where
does it stop? How much or which events are purely natural and how much
or which events are heaven sent? We would go crazy trying to fathom out
when God causes things to happen and when he has nothing (directly) to
do with it.
Your cat dies of cancer the same day you told a lie to someone. Did
your cat die of natural causes or did God wreak some havok on you to
teach you a lesson? Don't put enough money in the collection plate and
someone run scratches your car in the parking lot. Every bad action
could cause a divine reaction.
Now go through life in a continual quandry as to what might happen if
you take a misstep. Try to live a normal life constantly looking over
your shoulder.
And that's why natural causation works best. It preserves our sanity.
~Dick Fischer~ Genesis Proclaimed Association
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