Re: The Pseudo-Science Amicus Brief in Kitzmiller

From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Thu Oct 06 2005 - 07:50:14 EDT

   ### If serious scientists hope to regain credibility it would be in their best interest to distance themselves from people who are promoted by and other web sites promoting atheistic religious philosophies.


  I am afraid Janice but it is also necessary to distance ourselves from the nonsense purveyed by ID and YEC who are damaging both the teaching and practice of science throughout the world and causing immense damage to the Gospel and brings the name of Christ into disrepute. It also raises doubts in scientifically minded Christians who are liable to start questioning the whole basis of their faith, when advocates of sound teaching on the resurrection, the historicity of Jesus etc put forward nonsense on science. A brief glance at the articles on Leaderu highlights this with some good articles by Craig Plantinga et al on theism, philosophical aspects of creation , Jesus, resurrection are counterpoised by articles sceptical of the vast age of the earth, ID etc.

  Think of the pastoral devastation of the whole ID and YEC activity.

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