Re: [Bulk] Re: The Pseudo-Science Amicus Brief in Kitzmiller

From: Pim van Meurs <>
Date: Wed Oct 05 2005 - 14:23:55 EDT

janice matchett wrote:

> At 01:45 PM 10/5/2005, Pim van Meurs wrote:
>> janice matchett wrote:
>>> At 02:45 AM 10/5/2005, Pim van Meurs wrote:
>>> Tim Sandefur has written about the recent Amicus brief filed by 85
>>> scientists in the Kitzmiller case. The brief can be read here
>>> <> I have read the
>>> brief and am appalled by the many errors in the brief. ..." [snip]
>>> ~ Pim
>>> ### If serious scientists hope to regain credibility it would be in
>>> their best interest to distance themselves from people who are
>>> promoted by ** and other web sites promoting atheistic
>>> religious philosophies.
>> I assume you similarly consider promoting religious philosophies of
>> any kind to be a reason to distantiate oneself from the arguments
>> presented? Janice, your 'arguments' are self defeating and miss the
>> point.
>> In Christ
>> Pim
> #2#2# The complaint of serious scientists is that most people
> perceive them to be promoting atheism. That perception is reinforced
> when people notice who they are using as spokespeople in their
> defense. That's just the way it is. Sorry.
In other words, a strawman based on 'perception'. So serious scientists
can still rely on people who are promoted by as long as
they make it clear that the argument is not based on a premise of
atheism which, as most people know, is a conclusion which cannot be
reached based on science.
Serious scientists understand this. But I see you are unwilling to take
your "logic" to its fullest extent.
Too bad.
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