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  At 02:45 AM 10/5/2005, Pim van Meurs wrote:

Tim Sandefur has written about the recent Amicus brief filed by 85
scientists in the Kitzmiller case. The brief can be read here I have read the brief and am
appalled by the many errors in the brief. ..." [snip]

Forrest indeed wrote a letter to Simon Blackburn which I have included at
the end. ....

From: Barbara Forrest
To: Simon Blackburn [invited speaker to Nature of Nature conference] Date:
March 2000


"...As I stated earlier, Johnson, Dembski, and their associates have
assumed the task of destroying "Darwinism," "evolutionary naturalism,"
"scientific materialism," "methodological naturalism," "philosophical
naturalism," and other "isms" they use as synonyms for evolution.

...The wedge document is available at and

also at

You can also find an article on the wedge strategy written by Jim Still,
manager of the Internet Infidels web site, at

Another article written on the wedge document at the time it surfaced is at This was
done by Keith Lankford, past president of the Sagan Society at the
University of Georgia.

The wedge document specifically includes as one of its goals the following:
"[W]e will move toward direct confrontation with the advocates of
materialist science through challenge conferences in significant academic
settings.... The attention, publicity, and influence of design theory
should draw scientific materialists into open debate with design theorists,
and we will be ready."

So the plan of the ID proponents is to lure legitimate, respected scholars
into conferences they organize. ... [snip]

Barbara Forrest, Ph.D.- Associate Professor of Philosophy Department of
History and Political Science
Southeastern Louisiana University

~ Pim

### If serious scientists hope to regain credibility it would be in their
best interest to distance themselves from people who are promoted by and other web sites promoting atheistic religious philosophies.

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