Re: The greatest challenge facing mankind

From: George L. <>
Date: Wed Oct 05 2005 - 13:10:24 EDT

> At 08:32 PM 10/4/2005, George Murphy wrote:
> >This may be my last contribution to this exchange because (1) it's
> >to get away from topics appropriate for the asa list & (2) it
doesn't seem
> >that much real communication is taking place. We'll see. Comments
> >in red. - Shalom George
> ><>
> #4#4# With all due respect, here is my translation of that
> "This started out to be an appropriate topic for the asa list, but
I "may"
> have to pick up my marbles and go home unless I can force "real
> communication" to take place, as evidenced by how successful I am in
> steering "this exchange" to a conclusion I can live with.
> "..with which I can live."] After all, "It ain't communication
unless I
> say it's communication."

If you were interested in showing due respect you wouldn't put words in
my mouth. What I meant in fact was that I have a life to live & work
to do and thus at some point have to stop spending time talking with
someone who is either unable or unwilling to understand what I'm
saying. N.B. I don't say "unable or unwilling to agree with me"
but "unable or unwilling to understand what I'm saying."

You may have the last word, which I'm sure will be very gracious.

George L. Murphy
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