Re: Dover and YEC: specific evidence on Thursday evening

From: Keith Miller <>
Date: Sun Oct 02 2005 - 21:18:21 EDT

> Anyway, Mr Nussbaum was on his way down to Dover for a rally against
> evolution that evening. Here is a story from one of the Dover papers
> about
> what took place there:

For your information, the Burt Humburg mentioned in that article is a
past member of the Kansas Citizens for Science board. KCFS has, as
part of its efforts to support quality science education, been working
to try to overcome the popular view that evolution and creation are in
inherent conflict.

The YECs are the foundation of the grassroots support for ID. They are
the ones behind the local efforts to alter science standards or science
curricula. It is their ideas and arguments that these advocates
ultimately wish to have in the public classroom. That is certainly the
situation here, and appears to be the case in Dover as well. The
unwillingness of the ID advocates to challenge the false evolution vs
creation dichotomy in public settings, and to in many cases explicitly
support it, has given the YEC supporters new confidence to press their


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