Dover and YEC: specific evidence on Thursday evening

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Sun Oct 02 2005 - 14:47:43 EDT

Thursday evening, I had dinner with Paul Nussbaum, national reporter for the
Philadelphia Inquirer. Apparently I am quoted in today's story, which I
have not yet seen--one of my faculty friends at my alma mater (Drexel) just
called this to my attention. I'll look into it, but I'm in the Pittsburgh
area today so I might have wait until tomorrow to see what I'm supposed to
have said.

Anyway, Mr Nussbaum was on his way down to Dover for a rally against
evolution that evening. Here is a story from one of the Dover papers about
what took place there:

As most people here probably realize, this is about as bad it can get from a
PR point of view. Kent Hovind packages and markets oil from the kinds of
reptiles that got cursed in garden of Eden, but he's very popular in this
part of the country. I think (not absolutely sure) that the pastor
identified in the story as being in charge of this event, is the same pastor
I spoke with in court on Monday. If so, he undoubtedly thinks that I'm
completely beyond redemption, and it's a good bet he puts Mike Behe in the
same category. But I'd rather have him rule on that himself.

Frankly I am not surprised by any of this. But I live pretty close to Dover
and I visit churches that run programs like this.

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