Re: DNA sequence space

From: Cornelius Hunter <>
Date: Sat Oct 01 2005 - 23:34:42 EDT


> Your bottom line argument, as I see it here, is that, I can't explain how
> the code originated given what I know now, so I conclude that God did it
> using extraordinary means. Can you tell me at what point do we "give up"
> on "naturalistic" explanations? How do we decide not only that we don't
> know, but that we will never know?

This is a caricature of evolution skepticism and ID. Something more
representative would be:

1. Science is giving us a clear picture that it is unlikely that the DNA
code evolved via unguided naturalistic processes as evolutionists maintain
is true.

2. It is clearly a reasonable move either (i) to consider alternatives, such
as detectable creation via secondary causes or primary causes, or some
combination, or (ii) to deweight the origin question and focus more on a
design theory that does align itself to a particular origin theory.

3. In all of this we are not (i) giving up on naturalistic
explanations--those are always in the offing, or (ii) trying to prove the
existence of God. We also are not mandating a priori's, such as that divine
action must be via law-like processes, or undetectable.

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