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From: David C Campbell <>
Date: Mon Sep 26 2005 - 12:42:21 EDT

>Evolution definitely does not entail atheism, but this does not mean
that it is "simply false" that evolution and Christianity are in
conflict. <

It is true that there exist conflicts relating to this topic. Also,
there are claims made invoking evolution or invoking Christianity that
conflict with the other. What is false is the claim that evolution and
Christianity are inherently in conflict or ought to be seen as

>Again, no doubt the claim that evolution = atheism is false, but this
does not mean that it is scriptural. <

Evolution is not scriptural in the sense that Scripture does not
particularly talk about it. Reconciling evolution with Scripture is
possible, however.

>however, the brand of evolution advocated by BB Warfield, with divine
intervention now and then and God determining the evolutionary process
would not be recognizable as today's version of evolution.<

Divine intervention in the sense of a setting aside of natural law is
not necessary for a Biblical understanding of evolution and in fact is
theologically dubious because it does not uniquely point to the triune
God of Christianity. God determining the evolutionary process is fully
compatible with a modern biological understanding of evolution. There
is not inherent direction in evolution, as expected from Genesis 1-all
of nature consists of created things, not gods or other rival powers
with purposes of their own. Could God have a purpose for evolution?
Of course, but not one dectectable by biology, just as a historian must
be both considering in hindsight and relying on faith in God's
sovereignty in order to believe that God is working through human
history. Considered merely as a record of events, history appears to
be a mess. Sometimes evil flourishes, and there's no evidence of
progress. However, the Bible gives us glimpses behind the scenes of
some of God's purposes in it all.

Additionally, God often confounds the wisdom of the wise, elevating the
humble and overthrowing the proud. We should not therefore expect to
find academically obvious patterns. Rather, in faith we can appreciate
His providence in bringing the lineage of humanity through its entire
history to serve His purposes.

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