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From: Bill Hamilton <>
Date: Sun Sep 25 2005 - 17:13:46 EDT

--- Cornelius Hunter <> wrote:
> The charge of atheism was made by Bentley against Burnet, Hodge against
> Darwin, Plantinga against Ayala, and a million other examples in the origins
> debate since 1681. Of course one can always find lay persons making this
> mistake, but this mistake is by no means limited them. When people like
> Plantinga and Hodge misstep here (and many other informed observers as well),
> then one suspects more than mere ignorance of the facts as the cause. I think
> understanding this is one of the keys to understanding the origins debate.
> First, some observations:

To set the record straight, Hodge equated _Darwinism_ with atheism. In fact he
says somewhere in "What is Darwinism?" that he does not have a problem (at
least not as much of a problem) with the idea of common descent. He defines
Darwinism as a denial of design.

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