Re: It's the Bible or evolution

From: Keith Miller <>
Date: Sun Sep 25 2005 - 14:35:48 EDT

> The charge of atheism was made by Bentley against Burnet, Hodge
> against Darwin, Plantinga against Ayala, and a million other examples
> in the origins debate since 1681. Of course one can always find lay
> persons making this mistake, but this mistake is by no means limited
> them. When people like Plantinga and Hodge misstep here (and many
> other informed observers as well), then one suspects more than mere
> ignorance of the facts as the cause. I think understanding this is one
> of the keys to understanding the origins debate. First, some
> observations:

I am very busy now with classes and other things, but I will give a
simple and brief response. Evolutionary science does not entail an
atheistic assumption nor does it imply atheism. To argue that
evolutionary science and Christian faith are inherently in conflict is
simply false. Of course one can define evolution in such a way that it
rests on philosophical materialism. But you could define any science
similarly, and some do. There are some vocal members of the scientific
community that try to make evolution into an atheistic worldview.
There are also many Christians who are equally convinced that evolution
means atheism.

As a Christian with a vocation in the sciences, particularly
paleontology and Earth history, it is my Christian responsibility to
expose and refute such false ideas. That is accomplished by showing
science as the limited enterprise that it is, and by calling people
back to a much deeper and more biblical theology of creation. There is
too much repeating of the arguments of outspoken atheists like Dawkins
as though they represent modern science, and not enough showing science
as an expression of our call to creation stewardship and worship of God.


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