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From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Sun Sep 25 2005 - 08:39:51 EDT

I also said that YEC tried to cut the Gordian knot of dissonance, by rejecting all normal science. Once a YEC has creative dissonance he is on the way out as you were 20 years ago.

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  Unfortunately, I have been working fourteen hour days this last week, and a couple of days from 7 am until 11:30 pm. Thus I am only just now finding this jewel by Michael.

>Now I would say that most ASA and CIS types have a creative dissonance present as there
>are unresolved issues of faith and science, Arthur has no dissonance as "science" takes over
>and that of a "modernist" sort which precludes the activity of God whether in
>"miracles"( whatever they are) and creation ex nihilo in favour of panentheism. Ultimately his
>theology is too rarefied to have any cutting edge except to a liberal Christian who wishes to
>hold on to Christ when he's scuttled his faith. He does regard CIS and thus ASA as far too
>biblicist .

  I think the thing which irritates me (yes irritates me) about this post is that when I say the same thing about the nonconcordistic approach of most in the ASA, I am constantly assured that the approach is entirely logically self-consistent and without any dissonance at all. But, when Michael says the same thing (but changes one word to 'creative dissonance', whatever that is), there is no disagreement or jumping on him for saying what I have said for years.

  Why, exactly is it so wrong for a YEC to have 'creative dissonance' and beleive his interpretation of the Bible, but oh so fine and dandy for ASA members to equally have
  'creative dissonance'? Shouldn't there be one set of truth? or do we get to pick and choose what 'truth' our 'creative dissonance' allows us to choose?

  I will probably be too busy to stay entirely involved this week (I hope things slow down), but I just couldn't resist this jab at the 'creative dissonance' so perfectly displayed. :-)

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