Re: engineering questions re. Katrina

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Date: Fri Sep 23 2005 - 23:36:12 EDT

I am not surprised to hear upon awakening this morning that New Orleans is re-filling with water and this after such a small amount of weather turbulence in N.O.  Even if we get 6 months of dry weather to repair everything, it is a futility to rebuild the parts of the city which are underwater.  Who wants to insure such a situation? What bank wants to loan money to the home owner? How can businesses and a tourist industry exist without those people?

If we spend billions to rebuild N.O. we will be throwing that money into a toilet, especially given that sea-levels are predicted to rise significantly over this century.  We should take our lumps now, help the people restructure their lives, turn the port(which is an economic necessity) into an American Venice and/or  let  the rest of N.O. sink into the Gulf (like every other sedimentary layer has done in the past.)

I have no inside information, but I would be willing to bet that most of the oil industry will not return to N.O. but will enlarge their offices in Houston. Many workers are already working at temporary locations in Houston. My suspicion is that it will become permanent At least after a hurricane, the water drains to the sea in Houston--something which can't be said for N.O.


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