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There's a fair amount of truth in what Crichton say: I think that all responsible environmentalists recognize that there are extremes to the movement. What Crichton doesn't mention however is that there is also the other extreme which also has religious features - belief in the myth of unlimited progress. According to this myth there will always be the resources we need - or want - & we can't really do any serious damage to the environment. It's a religion that, more easily than the "deep ecology" extreme, can easily co-opt Christian language: God will make sure things are always OK if we just trust him.

OK, to that extent there's nothing wrong with the thrust of Crichton's talk - though of course a lot of the details can be debated. But in the present political and cultural climate it's highly irresponsible to make such a one-sided argument. The heresy that needs to be attacked is the heresy that presents a clear & present danger & today, especially in the US, it's the myth of unlimited progress & the chainsaw & bulldozer model of "dominion" that's the real threat. I have in mind not just the views of the present administration (though that's certainly part of it) but the popular culture in which the Hummer has iconic status.

An analogy: Pelagianism and Manichaeanism are both heresies & should be condemned by Christians. But when everyone is flocking to Pelagius, it's irresponsible to devote much time to criticizing Mani.

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