Re: The Universe in a Single Atom

From: Bill Hamilton <>
Date: Thu Sep 22 2005 - 11:56:08 EDT

Iain Strachan <> wrote:

Maybe there are countless examples that you never know about or that
you have to take on faith. So if a devout scientist has a "flash" of
inspiration that solves some problem, advances science and the common
good, we can't really say if that was indeed a divine revelation that
happened at the time God deliberately intended it to happen. Same
applies even if it isn't a devout scientist - that God might work
through them. What, after all is the nature of "inspiration"?

WEH: This is a really good observation. When a researcher discovers something, it may come from intuition or a flash of inspiration. But when it gets published, all mention of intuition and/or inspiration is missing. Instead we get a description of prior work, experimental approach, and the result.

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