RE: Is evolution really the central theory for all of biology?

From: Dick Fischer <>
Date: Wed Sep 21 2005 - 21:02:55 EDT


"On September 15, the University of California Museum of Paleontology
[UCMP] and National Center for Science Education [NCSE] launched a major
expansion to the "Understanding Evolution" website
( ). The initial Understanding Evolution
site was intended for teachers, but with this update the target audience
is now everyone interested in learning about evolution. The site has
numerous new feature articles, highlighting many aspects of evolution
science, presented as interactive investigations, research profiles,
evolution news (updated monthly), and even a comic strip. All of the
site's information is now accessible via a browsable topic directory,
which will grow as topics and resources are added."

~Dick Fischer~ Genesis Proclaimed Association
Finding Harmony in Bible, Science, and History
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