Re: The Universe in a Single Atom

From: George Murphy <>
Date: Wed Sep 21 2005 - 17:41:50 EDT

> George Murphy wrote:
> Here's another example, albeit from an unorthodox Jewish standpoint rather
> than a Christian one. In his book _Einstein's Religion_ Max Jammer
> suggests that Einstein's original belief in a static universe &
> introduction of a cosmological term in his field equations may have been
> influenced by his commitment to Spinoza's belief in the immutability of
> God - which for Spinoza & Einstein meant the immutability of the universe.
> Of course the universe isn't static but the cosmological term is a good
> 1st approximation to dark energy.
> DN responds:
> Jammer has made an interesting suggestion, but unless he or someone else
> has or can quote something to that effect from Einstein's writings it is
> just a suggestion. Then there is the documented fact that the same belief
> in a static universe influenced Fred Hoyle (whose prejudice was against
> theism rather than in support of it) to develop his steady state theory.
> Don

Actually in looking again at the book after 5 years I see that Jammer says
only that "it has been suggested" that Einstein was influenced by Spinoza in
this was rather than suggesting it himself. He doesn't argue against the
suggestion. But in any case yes, it is only a suggestion.

Hoyle didn't believe in a static universe but in a stationary one. In the
steady state model the universe always expands but always remains the same.

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